LOOK Smile for a drink

F&N Seasons Singapore, took an unconventional approach for the launch of its new green tea flavor - Ice Passionfruit Green Tea.

With its digital agency Isobar, it launched a series of social campaigns and a booth that uses facial recognition technology - the F&N Seasons Chill Booth.

The custom-built vending machine integrates facial recognition technology to engage users. Creative director Stan Lim said:  “We wanted people to forget the demands of life for a moment… and we wanted that moment to be when they first taste the new flavour from F&N Seasons. To make this as engaging as possible, we delivered the campaign proposition: “There’s always time to chill” through an experiential booth”.

The F&N Seasons Chill Booth works on a simple challenge: Keep smiling and the Chill Booth recognises your expression, launching the robot arm which starts picking out a free can of Ice Passionfruit Green Tea for you. But if you stop smiling, then so will the robot arm.

On the social media front, the campaign encourages the local community to forget life’s smaller problems by facing it with a positive outlook through the use of familiar Singaporean lingo like “Chill lah!”, “Smile leh!” and “Relax lah!”. An upcoming Instagram campaign will also see these words of encouragement used as stickers to spread the message amongst friends.

Jennifer See, general manager of F&N Foods Pte Ltd, said: "We’re very excited to embark on this digitally-driven activation with the F&N Seasons Chill Booth. Our consumers have responded with a high level of engagement on our social media front.”

The F&N Seasons Chill Booth will be touring three locations this month: Chevron House from 10am – 6pm, July 10 to 11; Cineleisure from 10am – 9pm, July 12 to 13; and Mapletree Business City from 10am – 6pm, on July 18.