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LOOK Should you be playing Pokemon Go during the Seventh month?

Nestle’s Maggi has launched a creepy social media campaign for Maggi Hokkien Char Mee. The campaign conceptualised by Govt Singapore leverages on the Hungry Ghost Festival and Pokemon Go craze.

The spot initially launched as an unbranded video which showed a couple stumbling upon a noodle shop in a remote area. Out of curiosity, the male character approached the noodle seller and exchanges some words before hastily leaving with his girlfriend. The video then makes an abrupt cut.

The video was posted on the protagonist’s personal Facebook page and was picked up by various satirical news sites, quickly going viral. It also created some buzz with some online commentators going as far as searching for the stall in question. Check out the video here:

Three days later, Maggi owned up to the stunt.  The reveal video on Maggi’s Facebook page garnered 209,021 views, 1,500 reactions and 1,716 shares at the time of writing.

This is not the first time a brand has utilised supernatural “occurrences” in its marketing efforts during the Chinese Ghost Festival month.

Most recently, Malaysia’s Tune Talk launching a similar publicity video which tells viewers of a ghost present in its office. According to Liew Huey-Ling, Tune Talk’s head of marketing, the video has amassed 97% of organic shares on Facebook, coupled with some other social media sites ripping the video off to be posted on their own site.

Maybe this month, scary is the way to go with all your marketing stunts.

Well played, Maggi!

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