LOOK Samsung bites Apple in a bizarre ad

Samsung has released a new commercial in Iceland for its Galaxy S4 in the most peculiar way yet.

The war of smartphone giants is heating up with the release of a 56-second ad on Samsung Iceland’s official YouTube page.

Titled Sími sem skilur þig and translated decently by Google as “Phone that separates you”, the ad starts off with the main character trying to make calls using an apple. With added frustration, a tagline appears which reads “Get a phone that understands you”.

Of course, the solution is an S4. The main character who was seconds ago in distress, is now jumping with joy and making some moves with fully masked dancers, while a goat watches on.

The ad currently has more thumbs down than positive reviews on YouTube. However, this metaphorical ad is getting viral in no time.

While we figure out the connection between the dancers, the goat and the S4, let’s just wait for Apple to bite back.

In the meantime, let us know what you think. Is this brilliant or just okay?

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