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LOOK LTA’s brilliant storytelling through this video

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority has released a video that tugs at viewers’ heartstrings and brings up nostalgia with how Singapore’s public buses have changed over the years.

Titled ‘Journey’, the video by LTA follows a couple’s journey through the decades with the SBS bus, which is all-too-familiar to locals, paralleled by their enduring love that transcends time and boundaries.

The video highlights the evolution of Singapore’s public buses from the manual to electronic issuance of bus tickets, introduction of air-conditioned buses, EZ-Link cards, to the wheelchair-accessible buses today.

The old-school bus ticket takes the spotlight as an item of sentimental value to the couple, and gets viewers to relive their nostalgic memories.

This video comes as Singapore’s new fleet of lush green buses prepare to be make its debut in late May this year. The makeover is the first for local buses since the Singapore Bus Service was formed in 1973.

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