LOOK Domino’s #Saltbae meme is anything but cheesy

You can disagree with us, but we like Domino’s latest marketing stunt involving #Saltbae.

In case you are unaware of this trending hashtag’s origins, it refers to a viral video posted by Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe on Instagram which sees him showing off his slick meat slicing skills. The video ends with Gökçe stylishly and carefully sprinkling salt on the meat – earning him the title #Saltbae.

Gökçe’s video has since been parodied by internet users and now Domino’s has also jumped on board.

The Singapore arm of the pizza chain posted its own localised take on the #Saltbae meme by creating #ChilliFlakeBae.  Domino’s social media take, which was launched on 19 January 2017, involves a GIF showing a man in sunglasses sprinkling glittering chilli flakes on top of a Domino’s pizza. It is also accompanied with copy saying “When bae’s mom asks if you can cook.”

The response is posted wittily as a caption to the GIF, stating “No, auntie, but I can order Domino’s Pizza Fabulous Feast.” The post put up last Thursday has since garnered 2.2k reactions, 465 shares and 108 comments, some of which showcase their love for the pizza brand.

The post has since garnered 2.2k reactions, 465 shares and 108 comments, some of which showcase their love for the pizza brand.

Dominos Saltbae Howard Sim

Most of the popular comments praises the brand’s marketing team, with some going as far as to say that they would switch over from its competitors.

In a statement to Marketing, Eve Fong, brand and communication manager, marketing, said that the brand wanted to tap on the latest trend to engage customers on the social media platform, encouraging conversations that result in increasing brand awareness.

She added that the brand’s strategy on social is to create engaging content which balances what’s relevant and trending right now along with what it has to offer.

“At the same time, it needs to be something which is a natural fit for the brand rather than something which feels forced. In this case we were able to use something that was already trending and utilise humour to work in our brand products,” Fong explained.

Locally, a Mediacorp DJ drew attention online for giving a Malay take on #Saltbae by sprinkling anchovies on top of nasi lemak.

We hope this inspires all you marketers out there to find you #Saltbae moment.

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