Link rolls out emoji-themed charity campaign

Link has collaborated with emoji company to launch the “#Linkemoji share love and fun” campaign that features emoji-themed game booths to further strengthen its brand identity.

The charity initiative encourages the public to show their care towards those in need. People are invited to create personalised emoji messages through its “Park and dine” mobile app or to share the personalised messages on Facebook. For every message shared, the company will sponsor HK$1 to Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association.

For those who have shared their messages can then redeem a QR code to play emoji-themed games at its flagship properties like Temple Mall, Lok Fu Place or Stanley Plaza for free.

At Lok Fu Place, there’s a larger-than-life claw machine filled with a pool of emoji balls while Stanley Plaza features a jumbo emoji pinball game.

Macro Hüsges, CEO and founder of emoji company GmbH.


Link said as most people are attached to their smartphones, this campaign aims to encourage them to join the initiative online and then drive them to the site offline.

Link CEO George Hongchoy said the company hopes to spread the message of love through its first-ever emoji™ charity campaign and link people to better lives.

Specially custom-made emoji icons were made for the collaborating partner Link, Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association, celebrity Michele Reis, Karena Lam and Hong Kong’s professional boxer Rex Tso.

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