LIHKG and protest-related topics rule 2019’s Google Hong Kong’s top trending keywords

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Following SpotifyYouTube, and Google Play Hong Kong‘s recent end of year lists, Google Hong Kong has also announced its own rankings with the release of the top searches in Hong Kong. Similar to YouTube’s results, politics yet again topped the charts in several categories as protester-favourite forum LIHKG was the top trending keyword the year.

This year, current affairs and social events dominated the headlines in Hong Kong, and it’s no surprise that several politically-related keywords were included in the list. Other than LIHKG, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong, The Stand News, the District Council Election, and pro-Beijing politician Junius Ho Kwan-yiu made the list of top ten trending keywords.

Google Hong Kong Top Trending Keywords 2019

2. Jacqueline Wong Sum-wing
3. The Legend of Hao Lan
4. Thanos
5. Education Bureau
6. Andy Hui Chi-on
7. The Stand News
8. MTR
9. District Council Election
10. Junius Ho Kwan-yiu

As for local headlines in 2019, LIHKG also topped the list, while other high-ranking keywords related to the anti-extradition bill protests included the District Council Election, the extradition bill, Glory to Hong Kong, anti-extradition to China, and Lennon Wall.

Google Hong Kong Top Trending Local Headlines 2019

2. Education Bureau
3. MTR
4. District Council Election
5. extradition bill
6. Glory to Hong Kong
7. measles
8. application form for the HK$4,000 handout
9. anti-extradition to China
10. Lennon Wall

When searching people in the realm of current affairs, Hong Kong netizens checked out the details and information of people relevant to the protests as well, including Junius Ho and Carrie Lam.

Google Hong Kong Top Trending People in Current Affairs (Local) 2019

1. Junius Ho Kwan-yiu (何君堯)
2. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (林鄭月娥)
3. Chan Yin-lam (陳彥霖)
4. Chan Tong-kai (陳同佳)
5. Chu Woon (朱媛)
6. Chow Tsz-lok (周梓樂)
7. John Tse Chun-chung (謝振中)
8. Chris Tang Ping-keung (鄧炳強)
9. Nabela Qoser (利君雅)
10. Chan Tsz-wai (陳梓維)

International news included “Thanksgiving Day”, “the fall of the Berlin Wall”, and “G20”.

Google Hong Kong Top Trending People in International Headlines 2019

1. Thanksgiving Day (感恩節)
2. The fall of the Berlin Wall (柏林圍牆倒塌)
3. G20
4. Oscar 2019
5. Notre-Dame de Paris (巴黎聖母院)
6. Reiwa (令和)
7. Momo Challenge
8. Kyoto Animation (京阿尼)
9. Typhoon in Japan (日本颱風)
10. Earthquake in Taiwan (台灣地震)

Lastly, as one in every seven searches is a completely new keyword, Google Hong Kong has also unveiled the list of searches in which people were looking for the meaning of certain terms.

Google Hong Kong Top Trending meaning searches 2019

1. 連儂牆 (Lennon Wall)
2. be water
3. 黃台之瓜何堪再摘 (A phrase used by tycoon Li Ka-shing in August on several Hong Kong newspapers’ front page)
4. popo
5. 和理非非 (peaceful, rational, non-violent, and not using foul languages)
6. 壽終正寢 (“The bill is dead” by Carrie Lam)
7. tg
8. 煲底 (An area outside the Legislative Council Complex)
9. 篤灰 (Whistleblowing)
10. 五毛 (50 Cent Army)

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