Light Reaction hits Vietnam

Light Reaction, an outcomes-driven performance advertising business part of Xaxis, is launching operations in Vietnam. Light Reaction’s pay-for-performance media model provides advertisers with a risk-free way to drive real outcomes such as sales, subscriptions and other concrete forms of engagement, paying only for clearly defined consumer results.

With theVietnam launch, Light Reaction is now available in 32 markets across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Light Reaction achieves outcomes by optimising for a host of key performance factors including optimal exposure time to drive conversions, geography, time, and device to ensure that the right customer is being reached in the right place at the right time. According to the agency, all Light Reaction insights, tooling and methods are shared openly with clients, showing the precise route and decision-making that led to each outcome.

“Light Reaction allows global advertisers to achieve meaningful outcomes with zero upfront risk and unparalleled capability to scale results across multiple channels,” said Auke Boersma, managing director APAC, Light Reaction.

“The focus is on identifying the audiences most likely to deliver positive outcomes at exactly the right moment regardless of where they are accessing media. This allows brands to meet precise objectives of customer response while drawing a direct line between ads and results.”

In addition to leveraging robust audience data, high-performing media inventory and real-time programmatic technologies, Light Reaction’s products are channel agnostic. Advertisers can run coordinated campaigns across multiple channels to capture outcomes.

“Traffic is important, but factors like sales, margins, and repeat business are the drivers of business success,” said Michel de Rijk, CEO of Xaxis Asia-Pacific.

“The beauty of Light Reaction is that we and our ads, continually get smarter. Each audience outcome is rated in terms of how successful it was in delivering the expected value and fed back into the system as a learning event. This continuous data stream allows us to refine our accuracy in matching audiences to desired, high-quality outcomes on an ongoing basis.”


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