Lifebuoy creates the Berbagi Sehat app to help moms

It is every Mom’s wish to provide the best for their children, and that includes keeping them healthy. Unfortunately, germs are everywhere.

Lifebuoy has created Berbagi Sehat app in collaboration with Mirum Indonesia. The mobile app helps Moms check symptoms of common diseases and potential nearby threats and offers tips on prevention.

“Lifebuoy realised that germs can threaten children’s health anywhere and anytime,” said Lifebuoy brand manager Indriani. “Therefore, we created the Berbagi Sehat app to show our commitment in maintaining the health of every family in Indonesia. This app can helps Moms to always be aware of any disease threat so they can prevent their kids from getting sick.”

The Berbagi Sehat app has three main features:

–          A Disease Encyclopedia and Symptom Checker – matches symptoms with a list of hundreds of diseases commonly found in kids, along with prevention tips.

–          A Child’s Sickness Diary – a child’s health record where parents can regularly update weight, height and other health information.

–          A Disease Map and Radar – Created in collaboration with – a health information and education portal run by doctors and medical professionals. By pinpointing a user’s location, Disease Map and Radar shows outbreaks of diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, and flu outbreaks commonly found in kids based on reports by the public to the portal. This feature also offers prevention tips for diseases found nearby.

“We created these three features based on our observations of Moms’ concerns of germs,” Hendri Wibisono, associate creative director of Mirum Indonesia said. “By harnessing the power of technology, we believe that Berbagi Sehat apps can be a reliable healthcare application to ensure the best health for their children.”


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