How LG is actually, well, cool [LOOK]

Three months after launching its new global identity, LG has rolled out a humourous choose-your-own-ending interactive video to show off its new phone.

Titled “Goddess, Brother and Curry Chicken”, the storyline is a first-person narration of a dorky guy’s admiration for a girl, who invites him to her apartment. At the end of every clip, the audience can decide the subsequent actions to proceed with the story — like a choose-your-own-ending novel.

Only two weeks after debut, the video was already viewed 250,000 times.

Compared to other phone-centric micro-movies (such as the Samsung collaboration with Brother Cream on Buspak TVs or the Sony micro-movie), product placement is not as heavy in the LG campaign.

Roni Chik, LG account director at CMRS (the two-year digital agency for the brand), said it’s all a matter of striking a balance.

“A lot of campaigns on the digital and social space are about product benefits, and brands always want consumers to know about their phones, but the public doesn’t want that unless they’re actually at the stage of comparing specs,” he said.

“The micromovie with Brother Cream can have a heavier product placement because they’re using a well-known icon. But we’re not, so we can’t be too hard sell.”

When asked how LG will compete with Samsung’s colossal media spent and Apple’s existing popularity, Chik said the brand’s only way out is to up its creativity to gain earned media.

“It’s obvious that there’s a big gap in media spend between our brands, so what we can do is work on earned media. LG, for example, spends a lot of money in PR, so they’ll fly entire teams of journalists and bloggers to see their new phones or visit their factories.”

“Paid media is really a different realm to compete in.”

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