LEGO wins court case (again) against Chinese copycats

Danish toymaker LEGO has won a case against Chinese imitators as copies of its colourful plastic toy bricks and figures have been a recurrent problem.

A statement of LEGO said the Guangzhou Yuexiu District Court has ruled that four Chinese firms who infringed multiple copyrights of the LEGO Group and conducted acts of unfair competition by producing and distributing LEPIN building sets.

The statement also said the court ordered that the four defendants “shall immediately cease producing, selling, exhibiting or in any way promoting the infringing products, and shall pay the LEGO Group approximately RMB 4.5 million (about US$650,00) as damages.”

“These rulings send a clear warning message to other companies who may be copying LEGO products. We will continue to take all necessary legal actions to protect our intellectual property rights,” said Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group.

This a not the first time LEGO won a court case in China. In October 2017, the LEGO Group won a case at Shantou Intermediate Court against Chinese toy manufacturer BELA for infringing the copyrights of the LEGO Group and for unfair competition. In another case decided earlier in July 2017, the LEGO logo and the LEGO word mark were recognised by the Beijing Higher Court as “well-known” trademarks in China.

“We believe these decisions are well-founded in the facts and the law. While we welcome fair competition, if someone misuses our intellectual property and seeks to take advantage of consumers’ trust, we will take action,” Christiansen added.

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