Lanc么me partners with Airbnb to roll out social campaign

Lanc么me released a new social media campaign in partnership with Publicis Worldwide鈥檚 luxury agency, 133SH. The new campaign “Dare to shine” is the first cross-border collaboration between Lanc么me and Airbnb, to promote Lanc么me鈥檚 UV expert aqua gel.

In order to communicate the product features to the target audience, Lanc么me chose to launch the campaign in April, at the beginning of the travelling season, when the weather is getting extreme in some parts of the world.

The campaign encourages consumers to travel and explore, and more importantly, to enjoy the sunshine by using Lanc么me鈥檚 UV expert aqua gel.

In cooperation with Airbnb and to showcase the product鈥檚 effectiveness, Lanc么me sent three top bloggers to three different locations around the world where the sun conditions are extreme: the California desert, Nice French Riviera, and Bali respectively.

In each of these locations, the bloggers would experience the power of the Lanc么me UV expert aqua gel, by applying the product on their skin and fully enjoying intense sunny weather.

133SH followed Molly, a top Weibo travel blogger, during her trip to the California desert, where she stayed in an Airbnb home and got to explore the incredible scenery without worrying about the effects of the extreme conditions to her skin.

The team created a lively, modern and chic video from Molly鈥檚 trip and her experience with the product, showcasing the effects of the product.

To further spread the message and invite consumers to “dare to shine”, the campaign unfolded across different social media and e-commerce platforms, 133SH imagined and realised an H5 WeChat ad, animated gifs, and multiple articles on Lanc么me鈥檚 official Wechat account.

Jeanne Guillet and Caroline Grout de Beaufort, executive director and executive creative director of 133SH said, 鈥淥ur team wanted to design a campaign that reached consumers in an authentic way. The dare to shine challenge and its Airbnb partnership shows how Lanc么me understands young women鈥檚 beauty expectations and lifestyles.鈥


Creative Team:
Creative director and executive director: Caroline Grout de Beaufort
Creative director: Henry Kwok
Associate creative director: Zoe Yu
Art director: Johnny Lu

Account Team:
Executive director of 133SH: Jeanne Guillet
Group account director: Johanna Valade
Associate account director: Tracy Lin
Account manager: Beni Bao

Production Team:
Senior TV producer: Chewlin Hua
Production house: Terry Jin Production
Music production: GUM Shanghai
Director: Anna Wolf

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