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Korean artistes front Samsonite’s new campaign

Samsonite RED has appointed Korean actor Kim Woo-Bin and popular Korean actress Kim You-Jung as the new global ambassadors for the brand in 2016.

The Korean personalities will be fronting Samsonite RED’s global advertising campaign for the Spring Summer 2016 collection, and participating in a line-up of marketing activities for the brand in 2016.

Both are tasked to publicise Samsonite Red internationally. Officially launching in February, the campaign will run for a year across digital and print media.

Meanwhile, the new TV commercial for Samsonite Red starring Kim Woo-Bin alone, shot in Gwangzhou, is scheduled to air in Korea later this month.

“Kim Woo-Bin is emerging as a mainstream Korean wave star across Asia. Similarly, Kim You-Jung too has garnered the strong trust and affection of the public over the years. Hence,I am certain that our collaboration with these two stars, will propel Samsonite RED to greater heights this year,” Kim Heejeong, marketing director of Samsonite Korea.

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