Kolsch launches its latest campaign

Dentsu Australia launched a new campaign for Kolsch, a German style beer brewed by the four Pines Brewing Co. The campaign, featuring print, point-of-sales, radio and a video, is based upon the tangled history of Kölsch and takes a laconic Australian view of what was obviously a very serious matter to the original German brewers.

The content piece was produced by Heckler, with animation director Mark Simpson leading the charge.

Pete Ogden, Dentsu Australia Creative Director said: “It’s been refreshing to be allowed to have lots of fun at someone else’s expense – namely the brewers of Cologne.”

Adrian Lugg, chief of arts and crafts at 4 Pines, said: “Beyond its ability to anger the Germans, most likely thwarting our plans of global market domination by 2065, it will hopefully educate beer drinkers on the serious cultural implications of style choice. Something the Germans have never had to worry about.”

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