KFC Malaysia partners Naga DDB Tribal for #KFCNoLabels initiative

KFC Malaysia has launched its full-fledged campaign for the KFC Zinger Waffle burger, working with creative agency Naga DDB Tribal. This is in line with the fast-food chain rolling out its “distinctively new unique take” on the KFC Zinger burger last week.

Through this campaign, KFC Malaysia and Naga DDB Tribal aim to “stand for acceptance of being different” through a product-centric proposition. Targeted at KFC loyal consumers and Millennials, the team looked to elevate the campaign by resonating with the struggles of labels which Malaysian youngsters face.

In a statement to A+M, Paul Lim, deputy ECD of Naga DDB Tribal said that the campaign was kept “lighthearted” although it addresses a serious topic. Via social media platforms, the team rallied people to come together to support the cause.

The agency also released two videos, one titled “Limitless Zinger”, and the other titled “More Than A Waffle”. Both videos mirror the voice of “anti-stereotype manifestos”. In the video, the voice “fights” for the freedom of labels for KFC Zinger Waffle Burger.

Watch it here:

“Describing this product was crazy. But what stumped at the start became our idea. An unlikely combination of sorts, but works like a charm. We’re kind of like that too. All so different, but we complement each other,” Lim added.

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