Kaspersky launches transparency centre in MY to build trust in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky is opening a transparency centre in Asia Pacific, in line with its drive towards building trust in the cybersecurity industry. The facility will be located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, alongside cyber-related government agencies in the country. The new centre is being opened as part of Kaspersky’s global transparency initiative, which aims to address the growing demand from partners and government stakeholders for more information on how its products and technologies work.

Similar to its counterparts in Zurich and Madrid, the transparency centre in Malaysia will serve as a facility for the company’s partners and government stakeholders to check the source code of Kaspersky’s solutions. The new centre will also function as a briefing center where guests will be able to learn more about Kaspersky’s engineering and data processing practices.

In addition, government regulators and enterprise clients of Kaspersky can request to review the company’s solutions and services including threat analysis, secure review, and the application security testing process. This also includes reviewing the source code of Kaspersky’s flagship consumer and enterprise solutions. Stakeholders will also be able to review all versions of Kaspersky’s builds and Anti Virus-database updates as well the information the company processes such as data feeds from Kaspersky products that are sent to the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network.

“Here we intend to show customers and government stakeholders that our products are 100% trustworthy and ensure the highest level of cybersecurity protection. The launch also proves that the activities we planned under our pioneering Global Transparency Initiative remain on track,” Eugene Kaspersky (pictured right), CEO of Kaspersky, said.

Meanwhile Dato’ Ts. Amirudin Abdul Wahab (pictured left), CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia, said as the threat landscape continues to evolve in Malaysia and in the region, it is crucial for private companies such as Kaspersky and government agencies to build trust and mutual cooperation.

“Kaspersky’s willingness to open their doors and data processes further shows that they have nothing to hide. As a third-party entity, we also share their insights and concerns to make the cybersecurity industry better. We really hope that our partnership will be an example for more governments and private entities in exercising fairness and transparency for the benefit of our citizens and the cybersecurity industry,” he added. 

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