KASKUS Indonesia partners AppsFlyer to bolster accessibility

Social commerce platform KASKUS has partnered with AppsFlyer, a mobile marketing attribution analytics company, in a bid to bring more accessibility and convenience to users of its social platform. KASKUS is known in Indonesia for its forums and online marketplace where users can buy and sell items.

This will be done through the streamlining of KASKUS’ ad performance, the increase of measurement capabilities, and offering KASKUS access to AppsFlyer’s advertiser network base. Through the partnership, KASKUS aims to leverage on AppsFlyer’s capabilities to effectively and accurately track ad traffic and filter out fraudulent activities for more impactful business results.

“Prior to engaging AppsFlyer, we did not have a concrete way of tracking our digital advertising efforts within our extensive online ecosystem. We are excited and pleased with what AppsFlyer brings to the table with its solutions. It will not only help to track our traffic and ensure ad quality, but will also connect us to its large base of global advertisers,” Ronny W. Sugiadha, chief marketing officer of KASKUS, said.

“We are registering strong advertiser interest from our network in Indonesia and globally as well and foresee tremendous opportunities in supporting KASKUS in achieving business success with current and potential advertisers,” Paul Michio McCarthy, director of sales, APAC, AppsFlyer, said

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