JWT helps educate RMIT Vietnam students

WPP’s creative agency JWT has partnered with RMIT Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City to develop the country’s first set of local market case studies for the university’s professional communication degree.

JWT has provided case studies on HSBC, KitKat, Lifebuoy, Vietnam Airlines and Tea Plus and will produce more on an ongoing basis. RMIT has been offering the degree since 2006 but until now, aside from global case studies from Western markets, case studies on international brands in Vietnam or on marketing and brand strategies deployed by domestic companies have not been well documented.

Gael McDonald, president, RMIT Vietnam said : “These practical examples of industry best practice at the local level will help to equip our students with highly relevant and desirable skills and knowledge. It gives them an edge as graduates in Vietnam’s burgeoning communications industry.”

Saby Mishra (pictured), CEO, JWT Vietnam, said: “We thought why not we share that experience with young students so they get a chance to see their own market context through the eyes of international brands.  With the enthusiastic participation of RMIT faculty and our clients, our team worked together to make the Vietnam Case Study Bank a reality. This is now being lauded as an idea that’s making a positive impact on quality of local education so that’s hugely gratifying.”

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