iPhone 5 finds its way to Malaysia

Malaysia – The nation is abuzz with the much anticipated DiGi and Maxis launches of the iPhone 5 today.

Since its US launch in September, the iPhone5 has received both criticism and praise for its features.

Some that might instantly come to mind is the mockery of its addition to the height and the introduction of its new maps app that doesn’t quite get people to the right destination.

What seems to stand out in the phone though, is its featherweight design and its 4G LTE function, which many reviewers agree are some of its better features.

But with the new iPhone 5, app developers agree that it has more to offer marketers.

For TJ Tee, co-founder of mobile development studio Alphapod, the iPhone 5 is a true next generation device compared to the 4S model, which he says was merely an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 4.

“We think it will be Apple’s best-selling phone to date. Expect to see the reality distortion field in effect once again,” says Tee.

But in how applications fare on the device, Tee says that the larger screen is a determining factor.

“We expect other app developers like us to take advantage of this extra screen real-estate to create an even better user experience than what was previously possible on the iPhone 4/4S.

“Internally, the iPhone 5 packs a considerable amount of raw computing power which means we can expect more graphic-intensive apps to hit the App Store,” added Tee.

He also expects wifi multiplayer gaming to take off largely, with the device being powerful enough to host multiple connected devices.

“This is an area where developers can get creative and create short, meaningful social experiences that all players can enjoy beyond the game,” he says

But when it comes to marketers being ready for the mobile enhancements in changing mobile marketing, Tee believes marketers are still largely a ‘wait and see’ bunch when it comes to mobile apps.

“We’ve worked with many forward thinking brands that have experimented with mobile much earlier and we think they stand to benefit most from the consumer shift from desktop to mobile, which we’re seeing all over the world.

“Consumer mobile usage will inevitably drive marketing spend, so ready or not, we think all marketers should take mobile seriously or at least be reasonably familiar with it. The iPhone 5 will play a significant role in this shift,” he adds.

Teon Ooi, co-founder of application developer Werebits, reflects the same sentiments in that the screen size has much in store.

“The biggest change with the iPhone 5 is its four-inch screen size, which will need developers to put in extra legwork in adapting the larger screen size for their app,” said Ooi, adding that the screen and new A6 chip in the device provides for additional space and power to deliver better used experience.

But he sees marketers ready for it, with Werebits having a number of iPhone 5-optimised apps on App Store, including a new version of its cardless loyalty programme ChopInk, which has taken advantage of the larger screen and Passbook integration.

The addition of LTE, which allows for faster speed, is also a force that these developers see as a game-changer.

“Fast LTE creates endless possibilities to consumers on how they receive, consume and interact with content. Imagine advertisers being able to deliver high-definition commercials, real-time interactive ads or games, and augmented reality (AR) right into consumer hand just a matter of seconds,” said Ooi.

Tee expects to see many creative forms of advertising that go “beyond the banner”, such as embedded mini-games that can generate high user engagement.

“Apart from media consumption, LTE will also enable real-time creation and manipulation of high-quality multimedia content on the Web. Smartphones will increasingly disrupt the compact video camera space in the coming year,” added Tee.

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