IKEA shows it’s a good sport by congratulating England for World Cup win against Sweden

IKEA UK has wittily congratulated England for its World Cup victory against Sweden last Saturday, garnering much love from netizens for its classy response. In a tweet, the Swedish furniture giant featured its Hemnes hat and coat stand, coupled with the caption “Congratulations England, hats off to you”. This was also accompanied with a fish and chips promotion to celebrate the win with customers.

The move also follows an earlier tweet which saw IKEA UK confirming that a small group of England team fans were “celebrating” the match results in one of its stores. According to the Telegraph, the football fans had stormed one of IKEA’s east London stores and jumped on furniture while singing “Football’s Coming Home”.

Needless today, IKEA’s response and gesture towards the excitement from all fronts were met with positive response from netizens, which called the brand classy and having sportsmanship. Netizens also praised the brand for being gracious towards the rowdy England football fans as well as the Sweden football team.

Amalgamating its products with wit is not a new move for IKEA, which is known for its cheeky and tongue-in-cheek takes on current affairs. Closer to home, the furniture brand also garnered love for its homage towards the recent Trump-Kim summit between North Korea and the US.

In May, following the initial cancellation of the US-North Korea summit, IKEA Singapore cheekily newsjacked the situation by posting a picture of its Trampa door mat with a witty tagline “For entrances and (unexpected exits)”.

In a later update, the furniture giant did it once again, featuring its Allen tool which is commonly recognised to build most of its furniture. IKEA also referred to the tool as a “Weapon of Mass Construction” and called for netizens to “make furniture not war”.

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