Hybrid Paytech sets foot in Hong Kong

Freeport Capital’s subsidiary Hybrid Paytech is set to open its first office in Hong Kong in response to the emerging mobile payment solution.

Freeport Capital, a mobile payment provider, has announced its subsidiary Hybrid Paytech will expand its global footprint with a branch in Hong Kong and the formation of Hybrid Paytech Asia Pacific.

The office will be headed by Ronald Chua, former deputy general manager of Ease2Pay Hong Kong, who will promote Hybrid’s mobile payment platform to merchants across Asia.

Hybrid is currently collaborating with Go Fun Card to launch the first payment mobile application in Hong Kong. Go Fun Card provides customised business solutions and services for its more than 200 merchants in Hong Kong.

The collaboration will customers to make transaction and check collected points on one application.

“Collaborating with Hybrids payment technology makes perfect sense leveraging Go Fun customers and hybrids mobile payment solution with a combined loyalty rewards and redemption solution not seen yet in developed markets,”

Massimo Barone, chairman of Hybrid Paytech Asia, said Hong Kong will serve as the main point of entry for Hybrid in Asia.

“A local presence is needed to satisfy local enterprise and business needs which have yet to embrace mobile payments.” Barone added.

The also company plans to expand to Mainland China, Macau and South East Asia.

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