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Samsung and Starcom turn Red FM Blue

In a radio-led activation campaign named ‘REDFM Turns True Blue’, Samsung together with Starcom Malaysia used Chelsea football fans as an opportunity for Samsung to connect with Malaysian football fans and to grow the brand love for Samsung.

“The objective of the campaign was to leverage on sports as a passion point to increase brand equity and drive business opportunity and it’s been identified as one of the key marketing platforms for Samsung. Chelsea’s Asia Tour was an opportunity for Samsung to connect with Malaysian football fans and grow brand love,” says Kwon Jae Hoon, managing director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Starcom together with Samsung targeted Red FM as it had the reputation of being the most iconic “red” station with JJ and Lil’ Kiev, the lead DJ, a well-known Red Devils fan.

“Football is one of the most widely followed and viewed sports in Malaysia and Chelsea footballs fans are like no other. To give these fans an experience that matters, we turned an iconic Malaysian radio station BLUE uniting Chelsea fans across the country and deepening their relationship with Samsung,” said Nick Drew, managing director, Starcom Malaysia.

From July 5 to July 20, Samsung communicated to Chelsea fans that the brand was looking for the truest, bluest fans. They had to call in to the radio station and answer questions all Chelsea fans should know.

Each week, the Red FM DJs placed a wager to spur on Chelsea fans. If true Chelsea fans could answer all the questions correctly, the DJs would turn blue at the end of the week.

Fans had to battle it out on air, with the champions of the week advancing to play for a grand prize trip to watch Chelsea play live at Stamford Bridge. Tan Wen Loong came out as the bluest champion yet.

Red FM turned blue on-air and on Facebook with the DJs wearing the blue Chelsea gear and converted all that was being said to actual posts on FB for people to see, including posting of pictures of the station and DJs turning blue. The DJs also used their own Twitter and FB pages to let people know what was going on in the studio.

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