Hong Kong’s top 10 Instagram KOLs are here

Lifestyle, food, travel, fashion and beauty KOLs rank among the top 10 Instagram influencers in Hong Kong, while photography Instagram influencers have the highest engagement rate, according to latest analysis.   

Social media-oriented digital marketing agency Digital Business Lab has released the latest ranking list of Hong Kong’s top 10 Instagram micro-influencers of the third quarter of 2018. The index is the result of a full-scale analysis of 1,000 active micro-influencers in Hong Kong. This selection of top 10 has been made through LOKOL influencer network, the agency’s privately-owned influencer search engine, based on content quality, community engagement, audience size (10K to 70k), and location (Hong Kong).

Nowadays influencers are strategic long-term partners for brands providing creative content and accurate feedback on products and services. They are part of the day-to-day marketing journey. Albin Lix, founder of Digital Business Lab, noted that every brand should have easier access to the top micro-influencers in the Hong Kong market with the index released.

According to the index, the top 10 Instagram KOLs in Hong Kong are, in no particular order:

Name of influencer Number of followers Average engagement rate
@utahlee – Utah Lee 26,000 ~2%
@surrealhk – Tommy Fung 31,700 ~8%
@mandeeeee – Mandeeeee 27,100 ~6%
@keithleefitness – Keith Lee 52,100 ~2%
@t.css – Tony 12,600 ~10%
@bin.gooo – Bingo 10,300 ~3% – Issac 22,300 ~3%
@vthechan – Vicky Chan 68,200 ~2%
@alaninfinity – Alan Wong 13,900 ~9%
@samanthastaynings – Samantha 26,700 ~4%

Influencer is not only about audience size. Compared to celebrity influencers, micro-influencers tend to have higher follower engagement, for their authentic and less commercialised content, the agency stated.

Among the top 10 influencers, those content focus on photography have the highest engagement rate, with @t.css – Tony’s engagement rate is around 10%, @alaninfinity – Alan Wong is around 9%, and @surrealhk – Tommy Fung is around 8%.

“Long-tail influencer marketing is probably the most cost-effective way to raise targeted awareness for brands of all sizes in Hong Kong,” said Lix.

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