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Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2019 kicks off, showcasing local brands

LAWSGROUP’s “Made in Hong Kong” participates in the 17th Hong Kong International Licensing Show from 7 to 9 January. Apart from showcasing a range of licensed products, the brand also collaborates with a number of outstanding Hong Kong original designers to present their works and co-designed mascots, showing the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong”.

Joining the show for the first time to promote the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong”, the “Made in Hong Kong” brand aims to explore outstanding Hong Kong design and promote the diversified development of Hong Kong brands, and offers a platform for local designers to unleash their creativity.

“Made in Hong Kong” will showcase a series of featured products and works of the awardees of the Top 10 Artisan Award including Jasontommy Illustration, Giant Tie Dye, Dark Calligrapher and more during the show. In addition to presenting their outstanding designs, exclusive interview videos of the winners and highlights of the competition will also be shown at the booth to promote the characteristics and advantages of the Hong Kong brands.

One of the highlights of the show is the neon signs-themed booth, which not only re-creates the famous home-grown brands in Hong Kong but also transforms humorous slangs into neon sign decorations. By integrating the characteristics of conventional neon signs and trendy slangs, the installations would resonate with people from different backgrounds and different ages.

In the past few years, “Made in Hong Kong” has organized a number of activities including outdoor carnivals, Top 10 Artisan Award, workshops, licensed kiosk and more. In September 2018, the “Made in Hong Kong” team led the finalists of the Top 10 Artisans Award to take part in the 2-days market “Flavor Bazaar: Eat Hong Kong” in Taiwan, hoping to further promote the development of local creative culture.

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