Hong Kong Ad industry kicks off week-long strike with 1,500 person rally

More than 1,500 practitioners of the Hong Kong advertising industry took to Charter Garden, Central yesterday to join the week-long strike, aimed at uniting the entire industry to support the city’s ongoing protests.

A rally was staged at Charter Garden to kick off the week-long strike, which will last until 6 December. You Koon-tung, organiser of the rally said the advertising industry, “only focused on their own stuff before.”

Koon-tung said that in addition to the rally’s goal of uniting the city’s ad practitioners, he hoped it would lead to the establishment of a union in future. Participants called for similar actions by other industries and segments of the marketing community.

In addition to regular ad staff, other members of support fields – including designers, illustrators, influencers, photographers, and practitioners performing in servicing, media, social media, and production roles – also joined the strike.

According to statements made on the Advertising Civilians’ platform, the week-long strike is only the starting point for further actions in future. One participant of the rally said that though the strike might not have a big impact on Hong Kong’s situation or its clients’ business, they felt it necessary to lead a city-wide strike.

Later this week, several advertisers will also be helping “yellow-ribbon” pro-democracy businesses to create ads or campaigns for free. According to Stand News, Advertising Civilians – a platform formed by advertising personnel in response to Hong Kong’s ongoing social distress – has already received hundreds of inquiries and applications.

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