HKBN Group appoints Samuel Hui as its CTO, 12 years after he served as a company intern

 HKBN Group (HKBN) has appointed Samuel Hui in its newly created role of chief transformation officer.

The transformation office will preside over HKBN’s three “Centers of Excellences”, digital, big data and AI, and IoT. It will work with key strategic partners and HKBN itself, to try and deliver impactful customer experiences and business transformations.

Prior to the promotion, Hui served as the company’s head of digital, a position he held since 2017. And though he joined the company in 2016 - assisting with the launch of the HKBN Mobile services team - his roots with the company go all the way back to 2008 when he filled out a summer internship. 

Commenting on his new position, Hui said, "Transformation starts with talents, rather than with technology. My role will be to drive a quantum improvement rather than incremental gains to the business, to augment our talents rather than to replace them, and to upgrade them from riding a horse to driving a Maserati.”

Hui’s promotion follows HKBN’s appointments of Sam Tan as chief innovation officer and CY Chan as chief talent & purpose officer.

HKBN Group CEO NiQ Lai said, “This appointment, together with our new CIO and new CT&PO, means we now have 2x Sams + a CY to ensure our transformation happens. At HKBN, we eat what we cook before we sell it, i.e. transform ourselves first before we help our partners do so for themselves.”

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