LOOK Is Hershey’s new look a little “crappy”?

Beloved chocolate brand Hershey has unveiled a new logo in an attempt depict its evolution from a predominately US chocolate maker to a global confection and snack company.

While the new branding will impact all visual aspects of how The Hershey Company presents itself, its customers seems to be finding the new look a little “crappy”. Netizens seem to be having a ball of a time likening the new look to that of the poop icon in emoji.

Here are some comments. Oh Crap!

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This is not the first time a brand has missed the mark with its rebranding of logos. Most recently Airbnb, a travel rentals website, premiered a new logo in an upside down heart. But what initially was meant to be “a symbol of belonging” has been cruelly associated with “vagina” and “butt” across the internet.

Nonetheless, Hershey claims that the new corporate brand reflects a modern, approachable look that reflects the company’s openness and transparency as it has grown into a global company.

“Today we are much more than the ‘Great American Chocolate Bar. […]Our updated company brand and refreshed visual identity is an expression of our progression to a modern, innovative company that positively impacts our local communities as we continue to grow globally,” Mike Wege, senior vice president and chief growth and marketing officer at Hershey said.

Along with the new logo, Hershey is implementing a new, disciplined visual identity system that is inspired by the famous colors of its most iconic brands, including Hershey’s, Reese’s and Ice Breakers, to bring a more colorful and consistent look to all of the company’s visual materials.

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