Headline Daily provides one-stop solutions with guaranteed reach and response

Jacky Lau, Headline Daily’s business director, discloses that, as the undisputed leader among the free papers, Headline commands a significant daily readership of well over 1.2 million. “Advertisers can take full advantage of our flexibility in market segmentation, based on either readership, or geographically,” he adds.

In terms of O2O marketing, Headline has successfully collaborated, for example, with Hong Kong O2O E-commerce Federation (HKOEF). In addition to print supplement for the Hong Kong Shopping Festival, it has also delivered more than 30 coupon offers in Headline Jetso app for HKOEF.

“Headline has proven highly effective in delivering offers. Eatery advertisers, for example, are so happy with their coupon responses that they have made it a regular component of their marketing strategy,” Lau explains. “The coupons, I may add, are also available through our app to maximize responses.”

“Headline can provide one-stop service on print and digital promotion for advertisers through the Sing Tao Network Buy Package,” says Lau. “When businesses want to make ‘noise’ and achieve ‘results’, they find a sure win pairing with the leader – Headline Daily.”

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