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Harbour City to showcase chocolate art installation

Harbour City is going to host an art exhibition showcasing the combination of a machine and chocolate.

Entitled “The Tipping Point: The Chocolate Extravagancy”, the exhibition will include a Rube Goldberg Machine created by English artist Nick Runeckles – which performs simple tasks in a long-winded and indirect way through a chain of reactions.

The machine, named “The Chocolate Extravagancy”, kicks off with a spiral lift of numerous marble balls to trigger a chocolate journey. As the marble balls travel along, they create a symphony and will interact with various percussion instruments to produce sweet musical notes, like kids dancing around in joyful music, coming into surprises and unknowns with every step. They will either take the sturdy wooden path to produce a silvery waltz of lower-pitched, husky sounds while when passing the lighter brass path.

The marble balls will then flow into a Victorian waterwheel. Every bit of energy brought by the balls will drive a crank arm connected to the waterwheel, to grate or shave bars of chocolate to thin slices.

The exhibition will also feature a “Chocolate Dominos” photo booth and an interactive “Roller Coaster Marble Ride” on the wall panel, which allows visitors pull the handle and release the chocolate balls high up to send them through a musical journey.

Kicking off on 16 January, the exhibition will run until 17 February at Gallery by the Harbour, Harbour City.

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