Guarding your inner beauty

Some say outer beauty will capture the eyes, but inner beauty will capture the heart. Themed “Ultimate Treasure”, Shiseido Hong Kong has launched a 4D 5-sense technology public exhibition at Harbour City during the previous weekend, to lead individuals to share their precious beliefs.

The “4D Immunity Boosting Journey” exhibition uses 4D 5-senses technology, in which visitors are immersed into senses of touch, taste, sound, light and aroma in an experiential setup to think over the precious person, concept or belief they want to guard.

Eventually, visitors are encouraged to thank someone for being the guardian angel in their life’s journey to help them shine.

Beauty consultants are also there to guide the way to boost customer’s natural skin immunity, an ability the brand regards as “most precious” to a beautiful skin.

The 4-day event has attracted more than 2,100 people to take part in the experiential exhibition.

Erica Man, marketing director at Shiseido, told Marketing that the campaign is an effort to adopt a new, empathetic marketing approach that resonates with Millennials.

“Through the campaign, we hope to engage customers at touch points throughout the customer lifecycle by encompassing both digital and real-life avenues in this new era where digital customer experiences are increasingly important.”

Guests can also become a part of the exhibition by making a postcard of their most precious beliefs and uploading it with hashtag #UltimateTreasure #ShiseidoHK #Ultimune. The total number of postcards made in the campaign has exceeded 4,000.

For every photo uploaded to social platforms, Shiseido will donate $10 to Orbis.

The Japanese skincare brand has engaged celebrity Kelly Chen, JW and Laurinda Ho, photographer Sean Lee-Davies, snooker player On-yee Ng and traditional lanterns artist Ping Chi Au-Yeung in its launch on 15 September.

Each leading individuals have made short movies of what they treasure most to be part of the Shiseido Ultimate Treasure’s charitable scheme.

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