Grey Hong Kong’s campaign for Pantene sells good hair confidence to university students

Pantene has launched a video ad on TikTok telling the tale of how a nicer hairstyle can drastically change the quality of life for university students.

The video sets up two good friends named Pan and Lori. As high school students, they had limited hairstyle choices, but after hitting university, a great hairstyle continues to help Lori shine. In the end Pan finally discovers the secrets beihind Lori’s gorgeous mane

The video is one element of the”Freshmen Fresh Look” campaign by Grey Hong Kong, aimed at helping freshmen change their appearance, and hopefully, improve their outlook on university life.

As part of larger campaign, Pantene has also released a series of real-life stories from key university influencers about how great hair is about much more than being presentable but can increase confidence.

The campaign also includes a social activation in which the general public is encouraged to make their own before and after posters, as well as share their own stories about how a new look gave them a new perspective.


Grey Hong Kong

Group creative director Christopher Lee
Brand experience creative director Jason Cornelius
Creative director Claudia Wong
Senior copywriter Jia She
Art director Kimmy Kong

Business partner Duffy Lau
Senior account director Jesppie Poon
Senior account manager Frankie Lo
Senior account executive Fred Yeung

P&G Team

Brand director Mckey Lin, Yammy Yang
Communication director Heidi Wang
Brand manager Tingting Wu, Celia Huang, Iris Wu
Communication manager Erric Li

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