Google opens e-learning channel for students

Google, the Hong Kong Education Bureau and WebOrganic have reached out to educators to increase digital learning among students.

YouTube and non-profit organisation WebOrganic have launched The Hong Kong Digital Academy, a YouTube channel that links educators with students.

The channel allows teachers turn lessons into films with interactive elements, which target senior primary and secondary school students. Also available on Google+, the platform will feature videos on major subjects like Chinese, English, Math and liberal studies.

Eddie Ng Hak-kim, secretary for education, described it as education moving with the times.

“Education is of great importance to social advancement and we have to move with times.

Stella Cheung, sales director of Google Hong Kong, added the agreement was the beginning of YouTube EDU’s commitment to driving innovations in education.

“Through this programme, YouTube will continue to work with local organizations to introduce more Internet services that fit the needs of students, so that the students will gain access to local and international educational video resources.”

To encourage users to join, the online academy is holding a video contest that will end on 31 August.

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