Gillette pays tribute to Olympians

As the opening of the Rio 2016 Olympic Game approaches, Procter & Gamble has unveiled the roster of athletes in conjunction with the latest campaign for its male grooming brand Gillette.

Named “Perfect Isn’t Prett”, the new campaign features Brazilian football player Neymar Jr., American decathlete Ashton Eaton, Chinese Freestyle swimmer Ning Zetao and British cyclist Andy Tennant, and explores the real story behind the athletes to honour the arduous journey that all Olympians face throughout their training in the pursuit of the Olympic Games.

“At Gillette we understand that the journey towards precision is long, and often overlooked in favor of the end result,” said Kurt Iverson, communications leader, Gillette North America.

“We’re proud of the razors that we design and manufacture because we understand that behind every great shave was years of precise engineering. The same is true for athletes preparing for the Olympic Games.”

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