Enrico tugs at heartstrings this Deepavali with interracial love story

With Deepavali just around the corner, distributor and manufacturer of ghee, Enrico Raviraj, takes consumers back to the early days of the rubber estates and how Deepavali was celebrated back then with its latest campaign “Soya Cincau”.

The video tells the story of an elderly Chinese-Indian couple doing Deepavali shopping before flashing back to their early days of courting in the estates. However, they encounter plenty of challenges and obstacles from the girl’s parents. Undaunted, the boy and his friends make use of hilarious antics to win over the girl. The boy also learns Tamil to win over her father’s approval.

Enrico also aims to bring back fond memories of the estates via scenes of festivals with open air cinemas and cotton candy. The video is accompanied by a catchy song composed by local composer PU4LYF Entertainment, which will be aired on TV and radio. The eight-minute video clip was directed by Ravi Varma and Candyman Production.

In the early 1950s, many South Indians were brought into Malaya to work in the rubber estates and there were also a good number of Chinese who had also settled down in the estates. The Indians and Chinese lived together and learnt each other’s way of life and culture and spoke each other’s language fluently.

CEO of Enrico’s SK Sundaram said the Deepavali messages are created based on his own family’s Deepavali experiences in the estates.

“A large number of Malaysian Indians have estate backgrounds and will easily relate to the story and the scenes shown here and invoke their nostalgic feelings,” he added.

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