Georgia brews laid-back coffee culture with Chilam Cheung

A cup of coffee for most HongKongers is an energy supplement for the morning rush or even a best friend at work.

But to most European, a cup of coffee marks a break time of which no one would put a rush on but to hope it last forever.

With an aim to offer this new perspective to HongKongers, Japanese ready-to-drink coffee label Georgia European Coffee has expanded its “Georgia – A moment that lasts” positioning onto a new product-driven TV commercial, saying “no matter how hectic urban life is, sneaking a break with a guaranteed mellow aroma provides the motivation to fight on” by its brand ambassador Chilam Cheung.

“While keeping the theme “Georgia – A moment that lasts”, our campaign this year focuses on promoting Georgia’s brand to office workers. The idea is to give them a break from their busy work life to enjoy a relaxing moment with European style coffee,” Amy Choi, marketing manager of emerging beverages at Coca-Cola China, told Marketing.

“We would also like to introduce the new Bito flavor through this year’s TV commercial, while strengthening the emphasis on our coffee’s intrinsic benefits.”

Running until the end of June, the spot is an extension that rides on its last year’s biggest brand that tried to add depth to the coffee label with the award-winning micro movie, Time Lapse, illustrating how destiny is determined by choices.

Client: The Georgia Coffee Company
Creative: McCann Hong Kong
Director: James Leung
Creative: Paul Swee, Timothy Li, Calvin Chow, CK Chan
Account servicing: Philip Tsang, Jo Yu, Miranda Wong

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