30% of Gen Zs say they are spending less time with publisher sites

Did you know that young internet users, aged between 13 to 17, are shifting away from text-based online content and TV, while spending more time with video and social?

According to a recent report by eMarketer, Millennials too are spending more time with video and social. However, they are not reducing their time spent on other media, unlike the Gen Zs.

When it came to streaming full-length TV shows, 55% of Gen Zs and 50% of Millennials said they spent more time doing so.

The numbers are also high for short digital videos, with 57% of Gen Zs and 45% of Millennials indicating they spend more time viewing them. Gen Zs (56%) and Millennials (47%) have also reported increase usage of social media.

However, the numbers for text-based online content and traditional TV see a dip among Gen Zs, with 40% spending less time on blogs and 35% watching less traditional TV. Also, 30% of Gen Zs indicated they are spending less time with publisher sites or apps.

On the other hand, Millennials were watching more TV (34%) and spending more time on blogs (30%) as well as publisher sites or apps (30%). This trend comes from a survey by Fullscreen, a streaming solutions and content provider, and Leflein Associates, a market research agency which polled 1,173 US internet users ages 13 to 34, reported eMarketer.

While Gen Zs place more focus on content formats different from that of the Millennials, one thing for sure is that brands are still required to develop creative content that appeals to their imagination and emotions. Also, will have to be more transparent to allow Gen Z to determine if a brand’s values match their own.

Additionally, Gen Zs and Millennials are big on brands, viewing them as tools to help establish a sense of identity and social connections. The younger generation is also more loyal to brands that offer fresh experiences and conversational topics.