Frutips pushes goofy humour in time for exams

They say success is a matter of luck more than effort, particularly in exams.

As a second wave of its major brand revitalisation project to add value to the name that puns with the meaning of "bringing good luck” in Cantonese, Frutips'(能得利) latest TV commercial has taken its goofy humour to the next level with an adorable love story between local comedian Fun Fun Lo (魯芬) and Korean entertainer Lee Kwang-soo (李光洙).

This time, it's about puppy love.

"This second wave is central in our thematic campaign as a whole," said Kim Lam, senior brand manager of Nestle Hong Kong.

The publicity of the two stars in Hong Kong can certainly raise the sense of local spirit in the brand, but generating locally-relevant content is even more important, Lam noted.

"Our core target groups are teenager and student. So we strategically arrange this campaign to launch slightly before May to June, the peak season for exams, to improve recall rates in our target customers before they start to prepare for exams."

The up-coming ad, Lam added, will see some giraffes involved as the ad will continue to spotlight Lee Kwang-soo, who has a public nickname of "Korean giraffe".

The campaign is developed by creative agency Publicis and media outfit ZenithOptimedia.

Here's the first wave again, which received 780,000 views in less than a week back in January.