FOX Networks Group launches 12-hour live-stream campaign

We Are Social Singapore and FOX Networks Group launched The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge, a live-streaming campaign promoting FOX+. FOX+ is FOX Network Group’s latest mobile streaming app hosting FOX content.

The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge was an integrated campaign executed across social media, television and radio. It was streamed live on 19 May, for 12 hours on Facebook. Over the weekend that it was launched, The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge reached over 1.6 million people, clinching more than 700,000 engagements. The online campaign has since reached over 7 million people.

The goal for FOX Networks Group was to position FOX+ as a mobile app for millennial Singaporeans who want entertainment “on the go”.

The challenge was to Haresh Tilani of comedy group Ministry of Funny, to watch FOX+ content for 12 hours straight without leaving the couch. Tilani was deliberately kept in the dark about the campaign details, apart from the fact that it was meant to be a test of endurance.

All 12 hours of The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge was streamed live on Facebook, where online viewers were invited to converse with Tilani online. He was dared to do stunts based on the number of reactions he could gather on Facebook. Mediacorp’s 987FM radio channel plugged in, inviting the channel’s listeners to engage online.

Tilani was also made to endure several spooky elements through the night on live TV. He received “visitations” for instance, by a Chinese zombie bride and a killer clown. The furniture and props in the room also moved on their own. All of Tilani’s reactions were caught live on camera for viewers, who were watching and interacting on Facebook Live.

“The campaign was very successful in driving virality and awareness among our audience. We plan to build many similar programs for the future – stay tuned” Sandeep Suvarna, VP marketing and communications, FOX+ said.

“We are extremely proud that the campaign turned out to be a huge success,” Arh Chun Ngai, creative director, We Are Social Singapore said. “This was made possible with the boldness of FOX Networks Group, and the madly talented team from Frame by Frame Productions. Together, we have successfully launched a new product in a cluttered category.”


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