Former POSSIBLE global CEO Shane Atchison joins Domo as CMO

Computer software company Domo has appointed Shane Atchison, former global CEO of POSSIBLE, as chief marketing officer. Jason Burby, former president of the Americas at POSSIBLE, has also been named chief customer success officer. This announcement comes shortly after news of their departure from POSSIBLE broke this week.

Atchison has more than 25 years in advertising and digital marketing leadership. Prior to joining Domo, Atchison was the CEO of POSSIBLE for five years, during which he ran and oversaw the acquisition and integration of more than seven firms into the agency. He was also the global client lead for WPP’s Microsoft business worldwide. Atchison also worked as the CEO and co-founder of Zaaz for 14 years before it was folded under POSSIBLE.

Domo works with brands across multiple industries including retail, media and entertainment and finance. Some of its clients include DHL, National Geographic, eBay, Mastercard and Schneider Electric. Among its list of investors include Salesforce, WPP, BlackRock, Greylock Partners and Fidelity Investments.

“I’ve seen first-hand what real-time marketing data can do to improve business outcomes at the world’s most valuable brands. The new way to work is about leveraging that same power across an entire organization to help all areas of the business improve and to keep organizations competitive,” Atchison said.

“I’m thrilled to help tell the story of how the Fortune 50 and companies of all sizes are using Domo to change the way they run their business, and I’m looking forward to being part of the team Josh has assembled to capitalise on this massive opportunity as we help organizations realise the success of being truly data-driven.”

Burby has led the US operations for over three years, and was previously POSSIBLE’s chief performance marketing officer for over five years. Before joining the agency, Burby worked at Zaaz for more than 12 years as chief analytics and optimisation officer and director of web analytics.

“For years, Atchison and I have focused on using data to better understand our clients’ audiences and identify opportunities to increase desired behaviors in the digital space and beyond,” Burby said. “The beauty is that no matter the industry or geography or department, one thing holds true: data can be leveraged to improve the way business is run. We’ve found that the first question customers ask is where should they start. I’m going to help answer that.”

Based in the US, Domo is a computer software company that helps businesses manage, analyse and share their data across the entire organisation, allowing decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities through its Business Cloud.


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