Foodpanda features Kevin Cheng’s iconic screaming in latest ad

Food delivery platform foodpanda has launched a new citywide campaign, featuring Hong Kong-based actor Kevin Cheng.

The campaign aims to strengthen foodpanda’s position as the Hong Kong people’s choice for food delivery platforms. Featuring Cheng, the campaign includes major online media and outdoor ads in the form of web content, print and TV commercials.

Foodpanda has also collaborated with 100Most to reach more people. Cheng’s popular quote “AH” from the TV drama A Fistful of Stances is incorporated into the ad. The company said it wanted to align with customers’ interests, and partnering with Cheng and 100Most would showcase the brand’s commitment “to put customers at the heart of the brand”.

“We hope for foodpanda to become an everyday choice for Hong Kong people. By co-operating with Cheng and 100Most, and with even more local vendors on the platform, we want to highlight that we care about Hong Kong customers’ taste buds and local pride,” said Alex Law, head of marketing at foodpanda.

The campaign goes with the current marketing strategy which offers no minimum order value.

“As the most popular online delivery platform in Hong Kong, we believe that foodpanda could reach out to more people with the food and prices they love,” Law concluded.

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