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The new frontier: Pizza Hut Malaysia’s digital revolution

This post is sponsored by Pizza Hut Malaysia.

In charting the course for growth towards the new digital frontier, Pizza Hut Malaysia had two main missions in mind – “easy” and “better”. These have been the anchor to all its strategies in delivering an unmatched customer experience – by making it “easy” for customers to enjoy a great tasting pizza with a “better” quality of experience every time.

Innovation is key. Pizza Hut Malaysia ensures the brand stays relevant in this digital age by placing customers at the forefront of the business and embarking on a digital transformation journey.

The drive behind this was all about ensuring it has what it takes to offer and deliver Malaysians with better pizza in the easiest and most convenient manner – whether in-store, at home, or anywhere at all.

It all began with the website revamp that allowed easier and more convenient ordering, with added features, including navigating and tracking mechanisms. The website and mobile app are frequently enhanced to keep pace with the new kind of “always-connected” customers.

Jean Ler, chief marketing officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia, said: “It is our customers’ journey that dictates our strategy. We strive to provide a seamless and personalised customer experience with our focused lens on developing better end-to-end experiences. At the same time, we’re ensuring an upward trajectory of our growth through these expanded capabilities.”

Also, with consumers increasingly strapped for time, digitalisation will ensure Pizza Hut Malaysia stays ahead of the game by providing greater convenience.

It is important for Pizza Hut Malaysia to continue to spearhead its digital initiatives in a concise manner – learning what is relevant to its customers and rapidly scaling what works, in order to deliver its brand mission of “easy and better”.

The launch of its mobile app has taken the digital initiative further, making ordering a more personalised and rewarding experience for customers. It has had more than a million downloads to date, rated 4.4 and 4.3 stars respectively on Apple App store and Google Play store.

The mobile app redefines convenience with its new features, including the ability to retain customers’ last order and preferences, including previous delivery address, saving customers from the hassle of having to enter data repeatedly.

With built-in GPS and location data available on most mobile phones today – the app can detect the customer’s location and make ordering easy just by a simple click.

Delivery status monitoring makes it easy for customers to check how soon their pizza will arrive. On top of making ordering easier, the Pizza Hut mobile app also makes it better for customers through attractive rewards. Pizza points are given with every order, redeemable for free side dishes, drinks or even free pizzas.

These digital roll-outs have drawn a positive impact for the business with website traffic increasing by 107% and online transactions growing by 31%.

This has been followed by the refurbished Digital Concept Store in Sunway Pyramid which is the first in Asia Pacific to feature digital take-away kiosks. Besides the augmented reality menu, the digital experience continues after the order is made, with an engaging digital game to keep customers entertained while they wait for their freshly baked pizzas.

The brand is showing no signs of slowing down as it ventures into providing a richer pizza experience elevated through music via “The Singing Pizza” campaign. Combining two parts of culture that Malaysians are most passionate about, “The Singing Pizza” box doubles as a music box, with a QR code to access 200 exclusive tracks, including top trending and unreleased tracks that are updated biweekly on “The Singing Pizza” app.

Pizza Hut Malaysia is also aiming to further spearhead the digital movement by breaking new ground. As fortune favours the bold, Pizza Hut Malaysia aims to shake off the confines of being an established brand of yesteryear and truly evolve in technology to stay ahead of the competitive market, and better serve its ever-growing customer base.

Pizza Hut Malaysia is the largest pizza chain in Malaysia, with more than 400 locations throughout the country.