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TESCO spreads the ‘Ong’ with game-changing CNY campaign by creative agency Mindmade

This post is sponsored by TESCO.

Anyone familiar with Chinese culture and traditions will tell you the Chinese New Year (CNY) is all about family togetherness, good fortune and abundance.

Driven by the genuine goal of delivering more value to its customers, TESCO Malaysia launched a brilliant game-changing CNY campaign as part of its marketing activities for the recently concluded festive season.

The retail giant’s CNY campaigns have always revolved around the theme of “Ong”, which in the Hokkien dialect, means good fortune or prosperity.

For 2020, the theme was the colloquially catchy “Semua ONG Mali” which loosely translates to “bringing prosperity to everyone”.

The brainchild of Mindmade Creative Communications, a dynamic local ad agency with a growing roster of multinational clients, the campaign cut through the festive clutter and helped TESCO reinforce its relationship with customers while capturing a share of the CNY media buzz.

Working closely with the TESCO marketing team, Mindmade devised this elaborate multi-platform campaign by drawing on the insight of the Chinese community’s adherence to auspicious practices and timings for important activities.

Fittingly, the traditional Chinese almanac calendar served as the campaign’s main visual mnemonic and storytelling reference.

The campaign’s highlight was its series of 21 TV commercials designed to disrupt the traditional festive ad format. Each episode was 30 seconds long and based on an actual auspicious tip-of-the-day as published in the Chinese almanac calendar.

A new episode was released every day, starting 2 January, and culminating in the finale on 22 January, where all the TVC characters united to greet viewers with a happy new year and inviting them to usher in an abundance of good fortune at TESCO.

The protagonist of the commercials was Master Ong, an engaging (but fictional) fortune teller and destiny consultant. Every episode sees him advising different clients on how best to get out of their respective predicaments.

From watching the episodes, viewers discovered what they should or shouldn’t do on that given day. These light-hearted commercials featured an interesting mix of scenarios inspired by the auspicious tips that corresponded to the day the ads were first aired.

The campaign roll-out was a phenomenal achievement and entertaining lead-up to the start of the CNY 2020 celebration.

The staggered airing schedule resulted in viewers tuning in every day to watch a new episode and also pick up some timely advice to harness their luck on that particular day. At the time of writing, the videos had collectively amassed a total of 4.7 million views (and counting) via online streaming and social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

To attract lady luck, Master Ong often required his clients to acquire specific items, all which are available at TESCO. This not-so-subtle promotion of TESCO’s offerings hit home the message that the international retail chain offers unbeatable value, freshness and variety.

“We’re ecstatic that our initiative to push beyond a traditional festive greeting TVC to produce an extended series of TVCs has come to fruition,” said Mindmade creative director Danny Chin.

“Nothing is more rewarding than reaching out and engaging with consumers to positively impact their everyday lives, even if it’s through something as simple as providing them with daily auspicious tips. More importantly, the campaign has brought value to our client.”

This trailblazing campaign also proved to be financially auspicious for TESCO as it reported a substantial increase in sales over the CNY period, which was especially impressive considering the prevailing economic slowdown.

Following its success in driving up sales and the enthusiastic reception of viewers, there’s little doubt the “Semua ONG Mali” campaign added up to a big win-win for everyone.