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It’s still all about the music

For as long as I can remember, music has been one consistent theme in my life.

All through school my parents encouraged me and my siblings to pick up an instrument, be it a piano, guitar, flute, drums, tambourine, glockenspiel, bodhrán … you name it.

Collecting tape recordings of the top 40 hits on Countdown was something we all did as kids and this matured into collecting vinyl, collecting CDs and even for a brief moment collecting mini-disks.

How we consume music today is wildly different and, arguably, vastly better. I don’t know how much time I’ve spent building playlists on YouTube, but lately that seems to be less and less as I explore Spotify’s growing library of artists.

A number of big moves are underway in the digital music business to deepen fan engagement and better the music-consuming experience.

Jay Z, backed by a roll-call of A-list friends, is fronting the relaunch of a music streaming service touted as the first serious challenger to Spotify.

Tidal, acquired by one of Jay Z’s companies earlier this year, will compete with Spotify and streaming services from Apple and YouTube by offering exclusive music from prominent artists.

Alibaba is also getting in on the act, signing a digital music distribution deal with BMG to promote its music and artists in China through online platforms such as the Xiami music streaming service.

Since the early days of advertising, brands have leaned heavily on music for jingles and anthems, but in an era where music is virtually everywhere – the power and emotional pull of music is largely underestimated.

But one recent mobile campaign, created by MEC Hong Kong for insurance group FWD, combined the power of mobile with music to deepen its customer engagement.

The FWD “Get Ready to Live” Spotify Music Channel created a series of playlists for people to follow and leveraged Nielsen data which showed that people aged 34 or younger identified music as an important part of their life and spend an average of 109 minutes listening to music each day.

We are connected to music and musicians like never before and connecting to this world is a smart way to connect to people in different ways.

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