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Why smart, targeted content will continue to rule

Having started in 2000, we have witnessed firsthand how the market has evolved.

Fifteen years ago, our clients had dismal to zero interest in digital marketing. Today, it’s on every brand’s marketing playbook.

Our media and agency roles have empowered us to be on the frontline of the game. As a media platform, we know what consumers want. As an integrated marketing agency, we create what consumers desire and device impactful O2O strategies for clients.

One of the obvious trends in 2016 and beyond is that content will continue to be king and social media will change the world. The key question is how to create exciting content to capture consumers’ attention in an information overloaded era?

Consumers no longer attain information and entertainments through traditional means. They also crave for constant stimulation. They expect something new by the minute or even in seconds.

We constantly ask ourselves: is this content “shareable” and is it relevant to our members?

Video content no doubt continues to be trending. The essence is to create something short and sweet, stylish, yet amusing with a touch of localised style.

We are also exploring new editorial formats rather than classic article interfaces. We have launched a new online series in the format of instant-messaging, meaning there are words, visuals and audio involved so it’s more stimulating for the readers.

Social reviews on products, especially in the beauty category, are another area with huge potential. Real-user comments and word-of-mouth are valuable for consumers and drive purchase intents. Our she critiques platform started eight years ago is the most comprehensive beauty bible in the market with more than 30,000 SKU listed from 900 brands.

Digital and social media will continue to change. Virtual reality, holograms, wearable technology.

Artificial intelligence will soon enter the mainstream and I cannot wait to see how they will storm our media world.

The writer is Derek Yeung, CEO of

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