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Why LOG-ON and Instagram are a perfect match

Ringo Fai

Director of social media


HOT LOG-ON HK Christmas Instagram Campaign

4 stars out of 5


Last Christmas, LOG-ON Hong Kong launched an Instagram-based campaign, but unlike other campaigns, fans were not asked to submit photos via a hashtag. Rather, the brand’s Instagram account featured a treasure hunt game with different Christmas gifts scenes every day, which was followed by another wave of Instagram video content for further engagement.

I liked it because Instagram is definitely a great platform to target young audiences for simple engagement; the treasure hunt image content had strong relevance with LOG-ON’s product offerings and it set a great example of using Instagram videos for a brand’s campaign.

NOT and Bulgari’s #FashionFriday Instagram Campaign

2 stars out of 5


The #FashionFriday Instagram campaign was launched at the end of last year to build awareness about the new Fashion Friday section on Sponsored by Bulgari, it started by connecting with women in the UAE region via simple photo tips on style, fashion and makeup, where they met up on Fridays for a social gathering. Then the Instagram account followed up with a UGC campaign encouraging women to submit their dressed photos via the hashtag.

The campaign didn’t go very well and the photo submission idea was always going to struggle to work, simply because women in the Arab world are still very private, and do not like to share photos of themselves to the public.

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