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Empowering 5000-plus beauty consultants at a 96-hour event

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“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can achieve”

– Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay, a multi-level marketing company specialising in skincare and cosmetics, has always been inspired to help females to gain more confidence from within. The company’s foundation of helping women achieve their personal growth and financial success has always been its top priority.

With changes in society about how we view women, there are now more opportunities given to them to have their voices heard. Mary Kay has also stepped up to give women their voice with a platform for them to shine and soar towards greater heights. Its events are always about engaging and motivating more women to join them.

Through the years, the trust between Mary Kay and Star Event has created a strong bond when working together to produce a one-of-a-kind seminar annually. The event focuses on awarding the beauty consultants with the highest recognition after putting on their effort into Mary Kay business. These elements have been put together to support its theme and vision. Highlighting the vision of the company in the event brought different challenges, leading it to being recognised by Marketing Event Awards 2019.

This post is done in conjunction with Mary Kay Malaysia.


The seminar’s objective was about sharing and empowering. Sharing from the achievers that had joined Mary Kay and how it has impacted their life; and empowering the potential new members with the entitlements they would receive upon joining the Star Power team. Mary Kay always aims to give the women community encouragement to chase after their dreams by creating opportunities and gaining insights from the community for self-development.


To stand out among the conventional one-way communication seminars. Seminars are often deemed as the boring and conventional way of discovering, and our role was to beat that perception to make it more than just discovering and learning. Our goal for this seminar was for it to be regarded as a fun learning educational environment that was beneficial for the attendees, and to leave a great memorable impression.


The set-up of ideas were aimed to spark the audience interest by leaving them with a delightful first impression upon arrival, and unforgettable pictures and memories by the end of the event. The details that went down for the 96-hour event were planned 30 days prior. The elements of each area were crafted, reflecting the products, services and recognition.

The foyer booth was both designed to allow attendees to have a touch of their potential office if they were to aim higher and work towards that goal. Details that went down were touches from Mary Kay Ash’s own office located in Dallas, US.

The display area showcasing the Mary Kay career level path, and recognition badges, were shown to entice the attendees in wanting to be rewarded for their efforts and dedication. The foyer set-up was to spark the attendee’s motivation and enthusiasm, and structures were built in relevance to the theme for a photo opportunity and branding purposes.

The stage was designed with a 14mW LED raisable screen with a 98’W stage platform that was versatile for the gimmicks. The impressive set-up was supported by two giant star power shaped geometrical wooden structures with 24 programmable light pillars. The extensive set-up was carefully thought out to impress the attendees beyond the content delivery.

A programme involving giant inflatable balls saw them thrown around; the internal staff took the emcee role dressed up as different characters during the different segments; and Mary Kay Malaysia created its own digital event app for better crowd engagement and information delivery.

The stage was utilised to give various recognition to the achievers, including the NSD (national sales director), which is the highest recognition at Mary Kay Malaysia. Their achievement was rewarded with a pink Mercedes-Benz car during the event. The award was executed by raising the 14mW LED screen to reveal the car and driving it out onto the stage.

The execution was concluded with overwhelming results.
The highlights of the event can be watched by clicking here.