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How Eu Yan Sang generated RM100,000 in ad dollars with its digital campaign

In an increasingly digital world today, running an offline campaign is no longer enough to grab the attention of consumers. It is imperative for brands to integrate both online and offline channels to target a larger consumer base and spark top-of-mind awareness.

Also, while moving trucks are a pretty common out-of-home activation for brands, they are still faced with the challenge of retaining consumers’ attention because of the long queues and waiting times.

Eu Yan Sang’s Prosperity Truck campaign made sure it had both online and offline aspects covered to prevent potential dropouts from its moving truck. Here’s a look at how the brand tackled the issue and garnered more than RM100,000 in ad dollars.

This post was done in conjunction with Eu Yan Sang.


How to make an offline campaign even more engaging? Eu Yan Sang carried out an excellent demonstration by combining an offline moving truck game with a mini game on WeChat.

Many brands have experienced a big problem with a moving truck before – people leaving the queue if the wait gets too long. A campaign can end up being a waste of time if you lose potential participants because of logistic issues.

“An important factor of running a moving truck campaign is to avoid long waiting times and prevent users from leaving the queue,” said Man Tai, general manager of DGL Advertising.


To avoid participants from leaving the waiting line, DGL Advertising designed an interactive game on WeChat – “夹金猪赢秒数”(Catch The Golden Pig) with a mini programme (a light application that enables capabilities such as an app, but does not require users to download), where participants could play while they were waiting to get on the Prosperity Truck.

Players needed to gain their challenge time via a crane game in WeChat’s mini programme, and they could grab as many vouchers as they could on the Prosperity Truck within the time they earned on the mini programme.


Three key objectives were identified for Eu Yan Sang Malaysia for the campaign – to enrich the potential customer base, prevent potential participants from dropping off from the campaign, and generate footfall to the physical stores.


The one and a half month campaign officially began in December 2018, covering the pre and post-Chinese New year period with two trucks touring around the area near the shops.

While participants were lining up in the queue for getting into the Prosperity Truck, instructions of scanning a QR code landing to the Eu Yang Sang Malaysia WeChat official account were given.

There were only a few steps to enter the game:

  1. Follow Eu Yan Sang’s official WeChat account.
  2. Go to the mini programme, “Catch the Golden Pig”, within the WeChat ecosystem.
  3. Catch the golden pigs to earn the seconds to play on the Prosperity Truck.
  4. Grab as many red packets with vouchers within the earned seconds.

All in all, the mini programme enabled the brand to achieve its marketing objectives in a cost-effective way.


Through the Prosperity Truck campaign, Eu Yan Sang gained about 2,000 organic WeChat followers, which is equivalent to about RM100,000 in ad dollars, according to the brand. It also saw about 4,000 game participants and a “significant increase” in traffic to its physical stores.

“We combined an online and offline activation to deepen the engagement with our customers. Customers won vouchers during the game which could be used in our physical outlets, which helped to increase transactions,” said Ong Cheng Han, A&P Manager at Eu Yan Sang Malaysia.