LOOK Fancy staying in a Škoda?

There are only so many ways to market a car, right? Wrong. Škoda in Russia proved creativity can get you places, literally, with its latest campaign for the Škoda Fabia.

With the help of Proximity Russia, Škoda Fabia, a car advertised for having the most spacious cabin in its category, was transformed into a real hostel with a free one-night stay from 22 until 28 September.

This unusual “accommodation” parked at Izmaiolovo Park in Central Russia includes a comfortable double-bed, pillows and free WiFi, a bathroom next to the car and a great city view for the guests.

Guests were also welcome to take the car for a ride around the city, automatically transforming each booking to a full scale test drive.

To promote the hostel, Škoda partnered with accommodation website, which included a description of the car and booking dates.

Since this accommodation was offered for free, the brand leveraged on likes, tweets and shares.

In June, DDB Paris turned MINI into 10 actual stores for people to experience the car and for those who are interested, they can have the Mini stores themselves.

To view how Škoda Hostel looks like click here.

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