Facebook finds video ads enhance brand favourability/conversion, reveals top influencers

Video ads on Facebook and Instagram help enhance brand favourability and memorability, and drive purchase intention throughout the customer journey, according to a study by Facebook.

The online survey – “2018 Facebook Most Influential Brands in the Mobile Era”  – has analysed the influence of video ads on Facebook and Instagram. At the early stage of brand discovery, about 60% of respondents agreed that Facebook’s and Instagram’s video ads could enhance brand favourability and memorability. After that, in the stage of brand understanding, 60% of respondents said video ads on these platforms resonated with them.

In the final stage of conversion, 55% of respondents said their purchase intention increased after watching video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

“In this mobile era, video has become a major way for consumers to receive information and express themselves. To build a closer connection with consumers and pique their interest, brands can leverage the rich and diverse video formats on Facebook, prioritise mobile-first and create immersive video experiences with intriguing creativity,” said Fei Yu, head of Taiwan and Hong Kong, Facebook.

Facebook has also examined app behaviour from its Hong Kong mobile users, collecting data from – Facebook family applications – Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Across the 18-54 age band, the average frequency of using any of these apps was found to be up to 26.7 times per day, with more than 90% of respondents using Facebook or Instagram on their mobile devices.

The study also found that 70% of Facebook and Instagram users watched videos on the platform. Among them, almost 70% of Facebook users, and 60% of Instagram users shared or forwarded videos to their friends after watching. Additionally, about 60% of users said that after accessing Facebook and Instagram video ads and stories, they were more willing to explore brand information and products.

In Hong Kong, Facebook has more than 5.5 million monthly active users, with more than 96% of them using Facebook every month via mobile devices.

Facebook has also compiled a list of the top 25 most influential brands in 2018. Based on the Nielsen Brand Connect Index, which includes the levels of comprehensive familiarity, preference, reliability, recommendation, together with the visibility and influence level on Facebook, the list has included brands from Hong Kong and across the globe.

Top 25 most influential brands

(listed in alphabetical order)

1. AIA
2. Cartier
3. Casetify
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Chanel
6. Cigna
7. Citi Hong Kong
8. Clarins
9. Dior
10. Estée Lauder
11. HSBC
12. Klook
13.  Lancôme
14.  L’Oréal
15. M.A.C
16. Mead Johnson Nutrition
17. Neutrogena
18. Nike
19. Olay
20. Panadol
21. Samsung
22. Shisedo
23. SK-II
24. Standard Chartered
25. Viu

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