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Facebook Home launches another jovial spot

Remember that guy back in high school who always tried too hard to impress and all you want to do is just pat him on the head and tell him to stop? That guy is now Facebook.

Last week Facebook rolled out yet another online push for its soon-to-debut Android system Home, which “inadvertently” transforms any device into a Facebook phone.

Dubbed Airplane, the new spot by Wieden + Kennedy features an airplane traveller using Home to flip through his friends’ newsfeeds, which come to life in the cabin: sunbathing friends are uncovered in the overhead compartments, for example; his nephew with a mouthful of chocolate greets him with balloons, and a drag queen bursts out of a service cart.

Even after a flight attendant asked him to switch off the device, our protagonist continues and produces two cats prancing atop other passengers’ heads after “liking” a photo of a friend posing with the felines.

Now, remember Chairs? The arrogant, existentialist argument for why Facebook are as impressive and elemental as the ancient invention in connecting people and sharing ideas among those on the platform/seat.

Not only are the lessons not learned from the old spot to keep things simple: the new ad has been criticised for going overboard for a product largely considered invasive and something that reverses the mobile experience in favour of Facebook and not the user.

However, given that the social media company is still the most popular sharing platform, to say it’s the kid who tries too hard may be unfair, because let’s be honest: whatever popular kids do is always cool. For now…

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